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That confirms The designer announced yesterday Domain-name registry Network Solutions may have a new Web address. We have been to the ER room twice during this period. We were completely frustrated trying to figure out the cause until we realized that we had introduced Downy Unstoppable in our laundry 2 days before this disaster started. We had used nothing but simple detergent in our laundry prior to this incident.

Many people are sensitive to perfumes and can have severe reactions. I get migraines from strong scents. Without opening it my daughter's asthma started up. We are on week two of severe rash and hives! My son was seen by a pediatrician, dermatologist and a pediatric urgent care in order to get his allergic reaction under control. He is on steroids and hydroxizine.

I had just finished a bottle of Downy Unstoppables when he first had a small rash on his face that would come and go. By the third day he was covered from head to toe in hive like rash. The experience was horrible as we tried to figure out what was going on. Last night I was on Google searching, suspecting it might be from the laundry and I came across this site. I still have the empty bottle. I hope something is done to prevent this from happening.

I have tried antihistamines and many creams but none have worked. Tonight I'm re-washing all of my clothes because I have broken out so bad, and it is the only thing I have changed or added to my lifestyle. I have only broke out where my clothes touch my skin! I do not have sensitive skin. This has never happened to me before. I have no allergies. Last week I broke out on my face first and then in a severe case of hives right after my partner used Downy Unstopables. I wouldn't have known right away they were the cause if it were not for me sharing what I was experiencing with my business partner.

She immediately asked me if I had ever used Downy Unstopables since a month earlier she had to see her dermatologists because she broke out in hives after using it. Safest bet is to stay away from this product. Hives driving me crazy!! I bought the Unstoppables last year September, used it in my wash and broke out when I used the clothes from the wash. My husband rushed me to the hospital as I was itching like crazy and all over kept swelling up.

I started changing everything that I normally use hoping to find the cause but no results. I got allergy meds to help it but it persisted until December. I never used Downy before and I loved the Unstoppables. I never bought it again until last week and as of yesterday I am breaking out all over again. So I did my research and found this page that it is proving to me that this product is the worst thing ever!!! Please, save yourself the agony of this product, it will keep you up all night, make you feel like you're going crazy itching and even ashamed to show your skin in public.

Stole a year from me by: Sarah Turner I have never had an allergic reaction in my life and used these for months before I bought a new bottle and washed my sheets and pillow cases with them. I ended up with a horrible full body rash that was even all over my face! The only way I could get rid of it was to take prednisone, which resulted in a year long array of myriad skin issues. It was a complete nightmare, and it screwed with my ability to work and lead a normal, happy life for a year. If anyone is up for a class action suit, let me know. I am game.

They should pay for what they have done to so many. Un stopable alright, my face is on fire! Hives and itching like crazy. Face feels like it's on fire. I've had to take an anti histamine. The pharmacist words were "don't tell me it's these new fragrance washing crystals, we've had lots of people with the same problem coming in.

I can't stop itching. I thought it was my medication my Dr prescribed me I stopped taking the medication to see if it was that, but the itching was getting worse each day. My arms are full of blood scabs and bruises. I did my research to see if the Unstopables had an allergic reaction and I see everyone is allergic to it. Last time I will ever use this product. My arms are bruised and in between my legs are full of rashes :.

I have never had a reaction to ANY detergent before. No soaps, etc. I've even used the pink Unstopables before with no problem. But with the blue kind I am suffering the most excruciating feeling I have ever experienced with no relief. Doctor prescribed steroids, hopefully this will help because I don't know how much longer I can handle this!

Save yourself, do not use. My son is having hives all over for nearly a month. Tried treating it but nothing stopped it. Finally I landed on this site, research on what changed. Strongly suggest stay away from this product. Whole body completely covered in a very nasty rash, very uncomfortable and itchy for him.

Shimmer scent pink bottle by: Diane My children started getting hives and then myself. It took me a while to figure out why. I do not wash my older son's clothes so that explains why he is hive free. I needed to rewash everything and as I'm doing it I'm so itchy and my throat is itchy. I'm on Benadryl and steroids. This is so dangerous as I have a son who is also asthmatic. Fresh scent by: Ben I recently purchased this product in hopes of a few things. As some that travels for work, I was hoping the longer scent would help my clothes smelling clean as I travel for work. I also got this in hopes of not having the morning surprise of pulling a dryer sheet out of my pant legs.

I used the product a total of two times. The first time it worked great; no issues. After going through any sort of changes in eating and any changes in cleaning products, I quickly narrowed it down to this product. As a result of using this product I had to go to MedExpress last night because of the overall coverage of the hives and the fact I was scratching myself to the point where I was bleeding. The hives and rash started to spread uncontrollably. I took some over the counter Benedryl over the weekend but last night became too much.

I've lost time away from work and hours of sleep as a result of the use of this product. I'm going to file an official complaint with Downy later today when I have the product in front of me prior to throwing it away but it looks like I'm going back to the tested and workable dryer sheets. My husband and I started itching about a week and a half of use.

We figured it out pretty quickly, but the damage was done. Neither of us have ever had a reaction to a product prior to this. Hives and Rash by: Anonymous My husband, my 2 year old and I developed a rash on our legs, arms and necks started 2 weeks ago. We thought it was bed bugs or spider bites. We checked our bedding, no signs of bugs. I'm washing all our clothes and sheets today and hoping rashes will go away very soon. No more Downy for us by: Anonymous My three year old had a horrible reaction starting with hives all over his legs and I couldn't figure out why his legs were the only area with the hives so I gave him an oatmeal bath to soothe him and wrapped him in a towel I had washed with Downy Unstoppables.

Gave him Benadryl and a nice blanket that was freshly washed using no fabric softener or scents and the hives were mostly gone within an hour. Washed all the clothes and blankets and towels, anything that he was going to come in contact with. Solution please by: Hlopez I believe I've been getting hives from this product as well. Can someone please recommend me some medicine or some kind of solution???? Itchy throat and coughing by: Anonymous Omg I am just shock to find this info.

We used DYI febreezer scent at the house spraying it on the couch and toys of my niece and noticed she has been coughing and i have been sneezing and coughing as well. Thinking back on the days activities using this product was the only new thing we did. So we cleaned everything we used it in. My niece is spending the night in my room which thankfully did not use it and she has slowly stopped coughing. So I started looking on the internet and found all these comments which just give me the chills on how dangerous this product can be It should have a warning label put on or something because it smells wonderful but can do serious damage.

Woke up at night by: ,Mike - London I have never suffered from allergies before. Was waking up in the night convinced I had been bitten by mosquitos or bed bugs, covered in itchy bite marks. Just came across this site and after speaking to my doctor I've realized it's Unstopables that caused this skin rash! Daughter broke out by: Anonymous My daughter plays soccer at school and club.

Last night I washed her school uniform,she only has one, in two caps of Downy Unstopables because her soccer gear was smelly. Today the school nurse called to say she had hives on her legs and arms, where her clothes touch her skin. I love the smell, but this is insane. Insane itching by: Crystal I realized right away it was unstopable causing this insane itchy feeling. I had done laundry the night before and was on a long walk with my dog when my legs really started itching. I had to hurry home to rip my pants off and scratch my legs for 5 minutes.

I jumped in the shower and rewashed my laundry without using unstoppable. It was crazy but it doesn't seem to affect my adult daughter who uses it all the time. Used too much? I gave Unstoppables a try. The pink was to overpowering for me and I now use the glow or gold ones. I see people posted they were putting in 2 cap in and I put a half a cap in at most. I've never had any problems since nor had anyone complain about the scent being strong.

I'm wondering if the grease spots and rashes are possibly from using too much of the product? Either way it's good to inform if it does cause rashes but also be aware that it could be the way that it has been used. Dangerous product by: Anonymous My son broke out with major hives and welts all over his body and lower face. I had just recently purchased these unstoppable laundry pebbles. I sprinkled some under the couch cushions and my son had woke up from a nap on the couch with these scent beads. I gave him 3 drops of Lugol's iodine in water and had him drink a spoon of baking soda in water and bath in baking soda water.

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Within 30 minutes the redness and swelling started to subside. I can't recommend this as I am not a doctor but this was my experience I using this for my son. I will be replacing these scent beads with an essential oil diffuser to freshen the scent of my home naturally. I had no idea they were so dangerous! Really had me scared but the welts are thing down. Itching is still there and now a little burning but even that has subsided. I also just had him spray nano silver on any areas that were still itchy. Too soon to tell how effective that is but he's settled down enough to go to sleep now and not scratching anymore.

How to Use Downy Unstopables In-Wash Scent Boosters in the Laundry

Rash by: Anonymous My son had rashes all over, at first we noticed on legs and eventually realized it was under clothed areas. Unstopables was the culprit. We stopped using them and rash vanished. However, he then wore a baseball uniform that was washed two months prior, and the rash is back. The scent, and therefore the rash, can occur even if the item was stored for months!

DIY Febreze Spray (Just 2 ingredients!)

Should be banned by: Carol Thompson-Jones My sister used this product and within a few days she had a rash. Then it spread all over her body three visits to the doctor and endless creams and potions. Looks like she has been in a bath of acid. Now her third visit to the doctor and been given steroid's and antibiotic pills and cream in case of sepsis infection. This stuff should be banned or at least carry a warning.

Stop selling by: Amanda After seeing Doctor for rashes this afternoon she ask whether I wear something new and I told her nothing but weeks ago I start using new softener. She said that might be the cause and ask me to rewash everything. I've been taking pills after pills thinking why this rashes won't go away.

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  8. After taking shower tonight, my rashes started getting worst, so tonight when my husband googled and found your site I realized yes that's the answer! I hope they stop selling Unstoppable. I'm in the most miserable week of my life and hardy had any sleep. Do not use by: Sheila I heartily concur with all the other opinions on this page, my husband has had a SEVERE allergic reaction to unstoppable he is absolutely covered in hives, pimples, open sores,with all the scratching, two weeks of hardly any sleep, because as the rash gets hot it itches even more.

    As a point of note it was the family doctor who brought this to notice, which means this is not the first time she has seen this. My last words on this are, do not use this product. I have spotty sporadic hives on my lower legs and on the backs of my legs. I have the same hives and rash on my upper arms from my shoulders to my elbows and then continuing spotty and sporadic down to my forearms. It's July 4th weekend, I was supposed to spend the weekend at the pool. Now I am inside, covered with hives. I had bought some to make a Febreze type of spray from, and I had some left over so I washed some clothes with it.

    BAD Bad idea. Stay away.

    DIY Febreze - I Don't Have Time For That!

    Painful skin rash by: Anonymous Horrible skin rash on chest and arms from using this product. Very painful and scaly and miserable. I love it by: Anonymous I have never had a reaction to Downy Unstoppables. I love the pink one!!! The doctor says I may need to be in steroids!!! Soooo NOT ok Downy!!!

    Hot skin and hives by: Anonymous Not happy, never used Downy Unstoppables before but because I can only use Lenor fabric conditioner thought I'd try. Great smell BUT wish I never did. I have hives and itch and my skin is very hot, not happy at all. This should have a big huge warning sign on it. Totally NOT happy. Initially I thought the smell was nice, although overpowering. I knew it was this as I used it for the first time that afternoon. It scared me. Accident and emergency gave me oral steroids and antihistamines. I was unable to drive home, no beds so slept in my car.

    Do not ever use it. Went to doctors, had to get 2 scripts, 1 prednisone and another for the itch. Washed all my clothes and have been working since, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 4 days still have little red bumps all over my arms that become raised and go down. Hope that the meds help. Luckily it took me two days to realize that this was the cause.

    However it completely destroyed my body and I look like a burn victim, especially in the areas below my torso. The strange thing is that apparently my parents have been using this for most of the year and I suddenly developed a severe allergic reaction to this. This was the only culprit that made perfect sense as to why I broke out in hives the way that I did. As soon as I trashed this product the massive hives stopped coming but I still suffer itches as a result of the severity of the hives.

    I work 6 days a week and I have to wake up at 5 am. For the past 3 days I've only slept 4 hours. It's been 8 days since my body started to violently react to this product and I'm still itching. Probably gonna take weeks for my skin to return to normal. I would not wish what happened to me to my worst enemy. This past week was truly hell on earth for me. In my 27 years of living I can say this was the most painful and excruciating experience of my entire life.

    I tried a bunch of antihistamines and anti itch cream and they didn't do much since this was so severe. It got so bad in the middle of the night I seriously contemplated suicide. But I'm glad that I didn't go that route and I'm here to give my experience on what I've been through. The itch is still somewhat mild to moderate but I'll pull through. Use this product at your own discretion. Thought l had crabs!

    Related to Downy

    For the last months I've used the Downy brand. After using this brand I've had serious itching in my bikini area, to the point that I thought I must have contracted something! One load of laundry with just my underwear without Unstopables and no itching. Found the culprit.

    Doesn't seem to bother anyone else in my family. Just me and just that feminine area. Causes hives by: Anonymous I have never had any allergies and I'm Lately, since using this product, I break out in hives in streaks and itch all over my body - back, stomach, legs, ankles. This started shortly after using Downy Unstoppables - my gym clothes make me itch so much especially when I sweat - I have been taking Zyrtec and Bendryl and it won't go away.

    Have to wash everything I own again without the Unstoppables. Horrible product!!! Haven't changed up my products or lifestyle. For a month now I've been having severe hives and rashes all over my body. After finding this post I found the culprit. My brother uses this product and when I do my laundry it contaminates my clothing to the point where I can't stop the itchy or rashes. Thank god for the internet, it saved me from itchy hell. Huge breakout by: Anonymous Oh my goodness! Almost a month ago I took my 11 year old to the doctor because of these bumps on his trunk and groin that looked almost like mosquito bites.

    Some were raw. Doc said chicken pox he's vaccinated and now more than a month later he's still got them and they're worse, but only where clothes touch him! I just found this site and its exactly what he's got. We've been using the Unstoppables for about that period of time. Thank you for sharing as I'm now hot washing all his clothes the towels and his bedding without the Unstoppables!

    Horrible reaction by: Anonymous I have had an itchy skin condition for about 2 weeks and it got progressively worse. I'm up at am because I'm scratching so much. I just found out my wife started using downy unstoppable 2 or 3 weeks ago. I am not allergic to anything I know of. Poison Ivy barely bothers me. This morning we will be disposing of this product and see if it is the problem. Extreme itch and red blisters all over by: Jennifer Eady It took me a few days to figure out where this severe itch came from all the red blisters all over my back and neck are but than I realized it started when I started to use Unstoppable.

    I scratch myself using a knife that's how bad it got. I got anti itch creams and re washed everything with my old detergent. I hope this will soon stop as it it driving me mad. Unexplained Hives by: Anonymous My husband recently visited yesterday doctor to help identify hives he recently discovered on his legs. She did rule out a couple of possibilities but then she asked him if we had changed our laundry detergent?

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    He said no, because we haven't, but we did purchase and use downy unstoppable, just the smaller bottle to try it out, then loved it so much we decided to purchase again but was unable to find that size which was affordable for us. So plan on not using any of these products to see if that is the cause. First my husband was getting rashes on his arms that I thought were swimmers itch. I got terrible eczema which I never had over my entire body. It never got better. Then I realized the only thing I changed was adding this scent booster to the wash.

    We stopped using it but all still have lingering rashes. Mine is getting a little better but still there.

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    Hives by: Amy from Nashville So glad to find this page. Very expensive bottle of Unstoppables. Should be re-labeled and removed by: Anonymous Washed with Downy Crystals and broke out in terrible hives and itchy rash on my back. Never been allergic to detergent, perfumy or otherwise. I will not be using the product in the future and I threw away my Costco sized bottle with no regrets!

    What a horrible product. It should be taken off the market immediately. I went to the doctor and they have prescribed benedryl based steroids. This product should be taken off the shelves immediately. It is too strong! Bad reactions here too! I received this as a free sample and like all others just threw it in the wash. It smells good, but is definitely very strong. It literally has stuck around and still smells over 10 loads later.

    Well yesterday I woke up with a rash completely covering the back and sides of my neck. I figured the dogs had been in our bed and come in contact with something that caused this reaction, so we washed our sheets and waking up today I have bumps from my neck to my feet, and my whole body basically itches. I would advise to use this product with sting caution and maybe use way less than intended. Unstopables No More!!! I went through allergy testing at an allergy clinic. We had our bed checked for bed bugs. We were considering buying a new bed because it was getting so bad for me I started washing everything with vinegar last week as a last resort before buying g a new bed.

    I washed my daughters bedding and used Unstoppables without knowing that was it. I slept with her 2 nights ago and got hit with crazy itching hives again. Starting over to remove any sign of this product from our house. It has cost me a fair amount of money to figure it out. When he took off his shirt his entire body was covered with hives. And he said he didn't eat anything to cause the extreme hives. Come to realized I had used the free sample of Downy Unstoppable scent booster that comes from my new washing machine.

    This is not acceptable what this company have done to everyone that has a severe reaction to this product. No warning on the label at all CRAZY rash - only where clothes seem to lay on my skin!! Who would have thought they would be this dangerous to certain people. No warning on the labels anywhere Use caution! I loved the nice lasting fresh scent. However within a week my husband started breaking out with horiffic inflamed rashes and hives which were in whelps all over his body including limbs, torso and head and neck. Have made several trips to skin Dr as well as an E. Been on several types meds including creams, pills and shots.

    I examined all new products I may have bought and only new one was Downey unstoppables in blue and pink. He is still in a mess. Another appointment tomorrow. Please take it off the market even though it seemed like a perfect product. NOT SO. Please get it off the shelves. All other Downey products have given me satisfaction. Itchy stuff by: Pedro My whole body is itching since we started using this product. Fresh scent caused blister by: Steve Left a blister you wont believe.

    At least the size of my hand. Left scarring on my right calve, red bumps all over my body, and burning all over including my scalp. My eyes are a deep red color and left one is now blurred. I used Downy liquid softener for years and never had this problem.